Institutional Asset Management

A Comprehensive
Fiduciary Approach           

In a world of increasing complexity, organizations must make the right investment decisions to support growth and long-term success. A trusted investment partner can help you navigate uncertainty and understand new opportunities so you can meet your long-term goals.

A Comprehensive Fiduciary Approach

      Allowing You to Focus on
Your Organization’s Mission

As your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), Commerce Trust partners with you to maximize your financial assets while easing the operational burdens of implementation, monitoring, and reporting for back-office operations. Your organization can rely on us for financial and investment management guidance,1 portfolio construction and management, and custody and administrative services, allowing you and your organization to focus on your mission. 


Dedicated Institutional
Team Specialists Working
on Your Behalf                    

Whether you are looking for a full-service fiduciary partner or a provider to complement an existing strategy, your seasoned team of dedicated professionals, led by your relationship manager, commits the time to understand your organization’s strategic goals and investment challenges.

By doing so, we aim to provide you with tailored advice and services designed to meet your unique and ongoing needs.

Your team of institutional specialists will draw on dedicated in-house equity analysts, fixed income analysts, third party manager research analysts to work on your behalf. Collectively, they guide your organization through the complexity of today’s investment decision-making processes and fiduciary responsibilities.1


Commerce Trust provides institutional investment management and consulting services to nonprofit organizations, endowments and foundations, public and private pension funds, healthcare systems and corporations. We are well-positioned to offer a comprehensive, fiduciary approach1 designed to meet your organization’s complex needs or complement existing strategies.

We Serve a Multitude of Institutional Clients

As a result of working with a broad range of organizations, Commerce Trust clients benefit from the perspective we can provide as a result of our breadth and years of experience.

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Insurance Companies
Construction Companies
Financial Intermediaries
Investment Companies
Retirement Companies
Balance Sheet Assets

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Hospitals and Healthcare
Religious Organizations
Institutions of Higher Education
Endowments and Foundations
Public Service Agencies

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Public Funds

Pension Funds
Municipal Services
State and Local Agencies
Public Service Agencies

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Taft Hartley

Pension Funds
Health and Welfare Funds
Labor Union Assets

Our Investment Principles Are Guided by Our Fiduciary Responsibility

The goal of our investment approach is to deliver objective advice and build a portfolio of assets tailored to your unique set of investment priorities and risk tolerance.


Our Approach


Commerce Trust believes asset allocation is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s long-term return and risk. With this in mind, we help craft an investment strategy customized to your unique needs, whether that be all fixed income (bonds), all equities (stocks), or somewhere in between. We can allocate among 28 different asset classes to grow assets, preserve principal, and hedge against inflation. 

Asset Diversification

Diversification within each asset class is essential for achieving more consistent performance.

  • By investment style (including value, growth, capitalization)
  • By active and passive management
  • By manager and strategy

Long-Term Allocation Plan

A long-term allocation plan adds value over the long-term while also taking advantage of shorter-term opportunities in the marketplace, allowing for portfolio shifts within agreed upon ranges.

Investment Strategies

Based on our extensive research, both active and passive (index) investment strategies have a valuable role in a portfolio.

Investment Consultation

Consultation and advice regarding the potential suitability of alternative investments2 enhances the efficiency of your portfolio based on your goals, objectives and risk profile.

Strategic Rebalancing

Strategic rebalancing helps to keep a portfolio on track, particularly during times of market volatility.

Regular Review and Adjustments

Regular review and periodic adjustments in your portfolio are necessary to ensure alignment with your investment objectives as your objectives and the economic outlook evolve.

Our Key Services

Outsourced Chief
Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services

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Investment Policy
 Investment Policy and Governance Consultation

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Custody Administration
Custody and Administrative Services

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1Commerce Trust is not a registered municipal advisor under Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act and does not offer advice or recommendations concerning bond proceeds or other municipal advice subject to this section.

2Incorporating alternative investments, such as derivatives, hedge funds, private equity, REITs, and commodities, into a portfolio presents the opportunity for significant losses and including in some cases, losses which exceed the principal amount invested. Also, some alternative investments have experienced periods of extreme volatility and in general, are not suitable for all investors. Before you invest in alternative investments, you should consider your overall financial situation, how much money you have to invest, your need for liquidity, and your tolerance for risk. Additionally, certain alternative investments may require investors to be accredited or qualified investors, which have defined minimum asset requirements.

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