Institutional Custody and Administrative Services

Comprehensive Custodial Services

Designed to Relieve Administrative Burden

As an independent custodian responsible for safekeeping assets, not only do we custody assets where we act as investment manager, we can also accept custody of assets from multiple investment managers and consolidate reporting for our clients in a timely manner. Our communication with your designated investment partners ensures all custody responsibilities, from securities transactions to income collection and distributions, are handled accurately and on time.

We offer comprehensive custodial services designed to meet your specific requirements. Administrative services such as fund accounting, charitable gift administration, pension payment processing, and marketable securities gift processing, as well as traditional custody services, are additional examples of our capabilities.


The Role of Custodian

In most instances, custodians hold or register securities in their nominee name, thereby making daily trading and settlement very efficient. Our role as custodian encompasses:

Financial Planning

Providing a custodial statement that documents a detailed, accurate, and timely record of the activity for the account, e.g., trade settlements, collection of income and dividends, pricing assets, corporate actions, and online services.


Providing final market value, transactions, cash positions, and all other activity on a regular basis to comply with governmental reporting requirements.

Custody and 
Administrative Services
Potential Services Offerings

Managing proxy voting, performance reporting, benefits payments, and Master Trust reporting.

Responsibility to Boards and Trustees

Keeping accurate records to provide boards and trustees with independent validation of the activity and valuations.

Alleviating the burden of custody-oriented administrative tasks

By providing a finely tuned approach to personal service, we alleviate the burden of custody-oriented administrative tasks for you.

  • Seamlessness from our sole-source capability
  • Efficiency and timeliness of transaction execution
  • Systematic controls to ensure operating effectiveness
  • Objectivity from independent performance validation
  • Consolidated reporting and online access

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