Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services

A Comprehensive Fiduciary Approach

We aim to maximize your financial assets while easing the operational burdens of investment management

As your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), Commerce Trust will partner with you to maximize your financial assets while lifting the burdens of implementation, monitoring, and reporting for back-office operations. We aim to free up your time to focus on overall strategy and the challenges your organization may face, by offering a comprehensive fiduciary approach1 to financial and investment management based on taking the time to understand your organization’s goals and core mission.


We have experience serving a multitude of clients

Commerce Trust provides institutional investment management and consulting services to nonprofit organizations, endowments and foundations, public and private pension funds, and corporations. We are well-positioned to provide a comprehensive fiduciary approach designed to meet your organization’s complex needs.


Hands-on, dedicated client relationship teams and portfolio managers

Throughout the process of building and implementing customized institutional investment strategies and streamlined back-office efficiencies, you have a relationship manager leading a dedicated and experienced team that pulls in our specialists and deep network of additional resources to work on your behalf. Collectively, they guide your organization through the complexity of today’s investment decision-making processes and fiduciary responsibilities.1


Comprehensive Fiduciary Approach

Preservation and Growth

If your organization requires you to balance ongoing spending needs with long term investment objectives, we can deploy investment strategies and tools to help guide you through the decision-making process seeking to preserve the value of your assets and simultaneously achieve growth.

Dedicated Team of Specialists

A team of specialists assembled to implement investment management strategies and custody and administrative services tailored to your unique situation.1 We draw on dedicated teams of in-house equity analysts, fixed income analysts, and third party research analysts.

Building Relationships

We believe in developing a personal relationship with every client and servicing them accordingly. You’ll get the benefits of direct access to your team and the capabilities of a large-scale firm applied specifically to your unique investment needs. And based on our decades of experience working with clients of all sizes, we have a direct view into the challenges that face different types of organizations and can offer cost-effective, efficient solutions suited for your situation.

Portfolio Consultation

After working with you to understand your goals, needs, and risk tolerance, Commerce Trust builds a customized portfolio strategy utilizing a variety of diversified investment options. The strategy may include one or more appropriate choices, depending on your situation: individual securities, an open architecture platform of active and passive/index managers, or proprietary strategies. Nearly all investments can be viewed and implemented through the prism of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) or Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) if desired.

Portfolio Construction and Management

Commerce Trust believes asset allocation is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s long-term return and risk. With this in mind, we help craft an investment strategy customized to your unique needs, whether that be all bonds, all stocks, or somewhere in between. We can allocate among 28 different asset classes to grow assets, preserve principal, and hedge against inflation.

Although it is very important to adhere to an agreed-upon long-term target allocation, we believe shorter term allocation adjustments around the target (with guardrails defined in the investment policy statement) can add value over the long-term and that rebalancing is important to keep a portfolio on track. In addition to portfolio construction and management, we provide transparent reporting – including the ability for attribution analysis so you will be able to clearly see how the portfolio performs, relative to benchmarks.

Nonprofit Advisory Services

We provide additional services to all types of nonprofits to help them achieve their mission, including hospitals and healthcare providers, religious organizations, institutions of higher education, primary and secondary schools, health and human services organizations, community foundations, and other types of public charities.1

Custody and Administrative Services

Our OCIO offering includes comprehensive custodial services designed to meet your requirements. Administrative services such as fund accounting, charitable gift administration, pension payment processing, and marketable securities gift processing, as well as traditional custody services, are examples of some of our capabilities. 

1 Commerce Trust is not a registered municipal advisor under Section 15B of the Securities Exchange Act and does not offer advice or recommendations concerning bond proceeds or other municipal advice subject to this section.

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