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The Financial Advisory Services team at Commerce Trust consists of knowledgeable, dedicated financial planning professionals whose sole focus is to provide comprehensive financial planning for high-net-worth clients and their families.

Our planning approach starts with helping clients to define and prioritize their personal and family goals. Then in collaboration with specialists from other disciplines across Commerce Trust, the team can offer objective advice and create and implement a holistic financial plan designed to help clients feel confident about their ability to achieve those goals. Your Commerce Trust team will also monitor and update your plan when changes occur.


Our planning advice takes into consideration short-term and long-term goals, income, lifestyle, executive benefits, family business issues, insurance coverage, estate planning and tax impacts.

We help our clients navigate planning questions like:

  • When can I retire and how much can I spend?
  • How much should I save in order to ensure I do not outlive my assets?
  • How should my assets be invested to achieve my goals?
  • How can I receive funds or gift funds in the most tax-advantageous manner?
  • Can I afford to ______ ?

Your Financial Planner will work with you and specialists from across Commerce Trust to develop a comprehensive plan that includes:

Investment Philosophy

Detailed planning analyses we offer may include:

Sustainability Analysis

To determine how much can sustainably be distributed from an account(s).

Social Security Analysis

To determine when you should start receiving Social Security benefits.

Education Funding Analysis

To determine how much should be saved for future education expenses

Roth Conversion Analysis*

To determine if a client should convert a portion of their pre-tax accounts to Roth IRAs if they are in a low tax bracket.

Insurance Review

To determine if you have enough, too little or too much insurance coverage.

* Commerce Trust does not provide advice relating to rolling over retirement accounts.

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