Progressing with Your Financial Goals

Carrying out your intentions for managing your wealth is a commitment that requires planning and persistence. From a practical standpoint, prioritizing short-term and long-term financial goals around attainable time frames is crucial to living the lifestyle you desire in retirement. 

These three articles may provide further insight as you consider your many options:


progressing with your financial goals

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Acting on Your Financial Goals: Where Do You Start?

By: Aaron Witherspoon, Financial Planning Analyst

Learn why just setting your goals is not enough — you need a personalized action plan.

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Considerations for Planning Your Retirement Goals

By: Elizabeth Bartlett, CFP®, Financial Planner

Whether you plan to spend more time with family, travel, volunteer or pursue a hobby, having the resources available to achieve these goals is of the utmost importance. 

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Communicating Your Legacy With Family Meetings

By: Elizabeth P. Hughes, J.D., Relationship Manager, Commerce Family Office

Learn about different ways to bring your family together to talk about wealth transfer to future generations.

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