Education Planning

Smart Strategies for College Savings Plans

Knowing Your Options            

Knowing your options when making decisions regarding your children’s or grandchildren’s college savings plans is important. A Commerce Trust advisor will help you align your education funding goals within your financial plan, identify the right savings vehicle to meet your specific needs and understand the associated tax benefits.


Our Approach to College Savings Planning

Our approach starts with fully understanding your views and values around education for your family and goals of funding all or a portion of the costs. The first step is working with your Commerce Trust advisor to complete an education analysis. At that point, we are able to provide you with a complete analysis which identifies the right type of savings plan, as well as a contribution and withdrawal analysis for each recipient, showing projected overfunding or shortfalls.

A Commerce Trust Advisor Can Assist You and Your Family with:

  • Choosing the right plan that suits your needs
  • Understanding education tax credits and deductions
  • Utilizing special gifting techniques
  • Understanding risks, charges and associated fees

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