Estate Planning

Conversations with an advisor

Year-End Planning: Checklist for Conversations with Advisors

No matter how wealthy you are, you want to be prepared for routine year-end conversations with financial, legal, and tax advisors. The following...

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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving: Planning Your Giving Strategies

There are many ways to support the causes you care about, from writing a check to an organization providing aid for those in need to donating...

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Benefits of Using a Charitable Remainder Trust

Perhaps you have been thinking about selling your business. What if you could sell your business in a way that provides an income stream for you or...

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How Much Should You Leave to Your Heirs?

It’s no secret generations of Americans have spent most of their adult lives earning, saving, investing – and stockpiling – impressive sums of...

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Ways to Include Art and Collectibles in Your Estate Plan

Individuals acquire fine art pieces and collectibles for various reasons. Perhaps buyer impulse takes over when a person sees a painting in a gallery...

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Communicating Your Legacy With Family Meetings

Identifying and documenting your personal and financial goals down to the last detail is a major accomplishment in the legacy planning process....

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Gifting Education

Consider Gifting Education as a Wealth Strategy

There’s no denying a college education comes with a hefty price tag. Over the past 30 years (after adjusting for inflation), the average sticker...

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Legacy Planning Banking

Banking Strategies to Consider for Legacy Planning

“Timing is everything.” You’ve said it yourself. And where legacy planning is concerned, there’s no better time than now to plan for your future....

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Family meeting

How to Know When It's Time for a Family Meeting

No one likes unwelcome surprises. Yet when it comes to talking with family members about protecting their wealth and transferring assets once they...

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