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Strategic Advice for Successful Families 

Understanding Your

Significant wealth can create unique opportunities and challenges. Many families choose to employ the services of a family office because the demands of managing their wealth have become overwhelming or their needs are greater than what other advisors can offer.

Your family may benefit from the services of a family office if:

  • Routine decisions have become too complicated and too time consuming to continue your current approach to managing your affairs
  • You have accumulated wealth that extends beyond a single generation
  • You want to take a more strategic, long-term approach to managing your wealth
Family Office Services

A Family Office Can Help:

Set Financial Goals

Set goals and chart your financial future by delivering experienced, objective advice.

Coordinate Advisors

Coordinate your team of external advisors so you have a single point-of-contact.

Manage Daily Affairs

Manage your daily affairs so you can devote more time to your personal interests.

Prepare Future Generations

Prepare future generations for the responsibilities that accompany inherited wealth.

Establish Your Legacy

Establish your legacy and pass along family values.

Address Business Issues

Address issues related to family business ownership and management.

Provide Investment Strategy

Provide a coordinated strategy for managing diverse investments.

                    Designed with You
In Mind

Commerce Family Office, a division of Commerce Trust, was created to simplify the lives of clients who have complex financial lives. Our service model is simple: Your family advisor will bring strategic guidance and subject matter knowledge to ensure you are organized and well-informed. Commerce’s family advisors are dedicated to the limited number of families they serve and are supported by a team of specialists who have deeper knowledge in their areas of practice.


The services a family advisor provides vary depending on each family’s unique situation. As a client, you have access to a broad range of services that you may select from, based on your needs. Our role is to assist with any financial and lifestyle decisions that may benefit from advice, guidance, or professional administration.

Securing Your Family's

The Commerce Family Office staff is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in wealth management, including investment consulting, tax planning, private banking, trust administration, real estate, family-owned businesses, philanthropy, wealth education, and family governance. Your family advisor and the in-house support team will also work with your family’s other advisors and bring in specialists, as necessary, to serve you.


We work with you and your advisors to define and prioritize your family’s current needs and long-term goals to help you become organized, well-informed, and confident about the future. You will receive timely updates from your family advisor and can access an account summary any time via our easy-to-use online system. With Commerce Family Office, you have access to the professional advice and administrative support you need to manage your day-to-day financial responsibilities while securing your family’s legacy.


Family Wealth Stewardship

Defining and Sharing Your Family’s Values
Many of our clients have spent a lifetime building their wealth and are guided by a set of principles and values that are equally as important as their assets. As a result of our work with these clients, our advisors genuinely understand the importance of passing along those cherished values to future generations. Your family advisor can be a steady, objective voice to oversee your assets and help younger family members embrace your guiding principles for generations to come.

Your family advisor can help:

  • Define your long-term goals
  • Craft a family mission statement
  • Establish a family governance process
  • Facilitate ongoing communication and plan regular family meetings
  • Educate the next generation about financial responsibility and values-driven wealth management
  • Define and implement your philanthropic interest


Strategic Risk Management

Protecting Your Family’s Future
Changing markets, economic conditions, laws, and regulations impact us all but may have a greater impact on high-net-worth families. Your family advisor will work to understand your family’s situation, proactively alert you to potential risks, and help you explore your options so you can take informed action in a timely manner. 

Your family advisor can help:

  • Review markets and regulatory changes
  • Manage tax planning and compliance*
  • Assess insurance coverage
  • Advise on family business issues, including succession planning
  • Review your estate plan


Investment Consulting

Advising on a Long-term Investment Plan
Strategic asset allocation, diversification, and ongoing reviews are at the center of our investment philosophy. Investment consulting with Commerce Family Office begins with a conversation about your goals and results in objective advice and recommendations suited to your family’s needs. In addition, your team will also help you select and monitor outside managers.

Commerce can help:

  • Develop a personal investment policy and asset allocation guidelines
  • Create customized portfolios
  • Select and evaluate investment managers
  • Coordinate and monitor third-party advisors
  • Prepare and analyze consolidated performance reporting
  • Develop a coordinated strategy for managing legacy investments held by the family


Personal Financial Administration

Freedom from Day-to-Day Financial Matters
Your family advisor can serve as your personal financial and administrative manager. You may delegate to your family advisor those routine financial matters which have become too complicated or too time-consuming. Your family advisor will provide simple, regular reports to keep you informed and prepare you for any important decisions you must make. 

Your family advisor can help:

  • Manage and plan cash flow
  • Project income tax*
  • Oversee real estate and personal property
  • Plan payments for bills and other common expenditures
  • Provide regular, customized reporting on your financial position
  • Arrange family meetings and support communication among family members


Specialized Services

Tailored Services for Your Unique Needs
In addition to the core services we offer, your family advisor can provide advice and access to resources in a wide range of other areas of importance to your family, including wealth education, foundation advisory services, family business consulting, and elder care and special needs services.

Wealth Education

Families who sustain wealth across generations often invest in comprehensive wealth education for family members of all ages. Wealth education can range from very practical lessons on buying a first home or the smart use of credit to values-driven lessons about how money affects relationships and major decisions.

Your family advisor can tailor a wealth education curriculum to your family’s diverse and changing needs. These interactive lessons are designed to facilitate important conversations within the family about wealth management principles and shared values.

Foundation Advisory Services

A private foundation is a flexible, powerful tool for charitable giving that many families find makes their philanthropy more effective and meaningful, while providing a tax savings opportunity for their personal wealth. In addition to making a difference in your community, private foundations can help rally your family around a common goal, transfer family values to younger generations, teach financial skills to children and grandchildren, and establish an enduring legacy for you or your family. 

Through Commerce Trust’s foundation advisory services, you can maximize your philanthropic endeavors while minimizing your efforts. These services include mission and goals development, investment management; trustee, custody, and administrative services. This holistic approach helps ensure all the elements of your foundation are aligned and working efficiently toward your legacy goals — and you have the freedom to enjoy pursuing your charitable mission.

Family Business Consulting

Family businesses are unique entities that often face specific challenges that make survival from one generation to the next very difficult. Commerce Family Office business consulting services can help your family understand those challenges and create a plan to overcome them. 

Our team of in-house specialists will work with you and your outside advisors to think about long-term issues beyond the day-to-day running of your business; evaluate big picture options to buy, build, or sell a business; and conduct strategic planning for your business. 

Elder Care and Special Needs Services

Families who care for aging seniors or loved ones with special needs are often overwhelmed by the difficult decisions facing them. This complexity creates a need for support and guidance that is met by our experienced staff. 

Commerce’s client care services are dedicated to providing personalized solutions and guiding families through the maze of options they face, including help finding the appropriate services and evaluating caregivers. Our mission is to help reduce the stress and burdens of caregiving by providing objective advice and equipping families with the knowledge they need to make sound decisions.

                    Choose Commerce
Family Office

We recognize that your family is unique in origin, goals, and family legacy. Like other families we serve, you share a need for strategic guidance, subject matter insight, and a coordinated team of advisors. We can meet all those needs and provide thoughtful, flexible, and personalized service.

Your experienced and knowledgeable family advisor will be your dedicated contact who can help you answer complex questions such as:

  • How can we protect and grow our wealth for the next generation?
  • How can we protect our family and wealth from risks?
  • How can we balance the interests of family members involved in the business and those who are not?
  • What can we do today to prepare younger family members for future financial responsibility?

When you choose Commerce Family Office for help answering these and any other questions that arise, you will have more time and the peace of mind to enjoy the lifestyle you envision and extra help shouldering the complexities of wealth management.


Our Commitment To You

The Commerce Family Office mission is to help you achieve your vision for your family’s future. By helping you define your goals and providing ongoing guidance and support, we can help your family make strategic decisions to preserve your legacy and values. We do so by:

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Delivering access to services and resources tailored to the needs of your family.

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Serving as your family’s advocate through the coordination, oversight, and monitoring of all investment advisors and strategies to maximize opportunities for managing and growing your wealth.

Custody and 
Administrative Services

Serving as your informed and proactive advisor to help your family mitigate risks to your financial well-being.

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Managing the day-to-day financial and administrative affairs you delegate to us to reduce your burdens and provide an organized structure to support you and your family in making important financial decisions.

We strive to make your life easier and provide peace of mind so you feel organized, well-informed, confident about you key financial decisions, and on track to achieving your vision for your family’s future.

*Consult with your tax advisor.

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