Residential Real Estate Management Solutions

Managing Your Residential Real Estate Assets

Like any investment, real estate is an asset that should fit into the overall goals and allocation plan you have set for your portfolio. Our dedicated staff certainly helps you manage the complex world of residential real estate management, but it does so in a coordinated manner taking into consideration your entire investment strategy.


The solutions our professionals provide are tailored to your particular circumstances, allowing your real estate holdings to help grow your overall wealth.

Residential Property Management Services

  • Custody and safekeeping of documents
  • Verification and resolution of title issues
  • Conduct periodic inspections to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs through qualified contractors
  • Payment of utility bills and other routine expenses
  • Coordinate obtaining appropriate insurance coverage and payment of premium
  • Review of assessments and payment of property taxes

A Commerce Trust real estate advisor can assist you and your family with:

  • Management of trust-owned property occupied by a beneficiary
  • Property occupied by a grantor who no longer wishes, or is unable, to retain responsibility for his/her property
  • Property no longer occupied or that is subject to sale or distribution
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