Why Portfolio Rebalancing Makes Sense

Imagine driving on a straight highway with your eyes closed. No matter how precisely you grip the steering wheel, you need to open your eyes every so...

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Considerations for Planning Your Retirement Goals

There are many things to look forward to in retirement. Top among them, having more time to focus on personal goals. Whether you plan to spend more...

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Secure 2.0 Act

What to Know About Secure 2.0 Updates and Your Retirement

For investors of all ages, saving for retirement is one of the most important — and sometimes problematic — components of their financial plans. But...

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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving: Planning Your Giving Strategies

There are many ways to support the causes you care about, from writing a check to an organization providing aid for those in need to donating...

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Investing from a Woman's Perspective

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows the financial power of women is expanding. Commerce Trust looks at how women’s attitudes on investing...

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Explore Ways to Generate and Protect Retirement Income

Throughout your adult life, you’ve worked hard and saved diligently for your retirement. Now that you’re enjoying this exciting stage of your life,...

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Do Couples Envision the Same Retirement?

Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse or partner have likely talked — and reached decisions together — about the big choices in your life:...

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How Secure Act 2.0 Can Help You Save More for Retirement

No matter where you are in your professional career — the beginning, middle, or end — these new changes to the American retirement system will...

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Understanding the Roth IRA Five Year Rule

The Roth IRA is a unique investment vehicle that offers significant tax advantages for long-term investors with the ability to defer distributions...

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Save for retirement and college

The Juggling Act of Saving for Retirement and College

Saving for college shouldn’t cause you to stress out about your retirement. But if you’re in the same boat as many other families, saving for...

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