Investment Portfolio


Why Portfolio Rebalancing Makes Sense

Imagine driving on a straight highway with your eyes closed. No matter how precisely you grip the steering wheel, you need to open your eyes every so...

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Corporate Transparency Act: New Reporting Requirements for Small Businesses

The Department of Treasury is working toenhance transparency in business ownership and combat financial crimes by implementing the Corporate...

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Conversations with an advisor

Year-End Planning: Checklist for Conversations with Advisors

No matter how wealthy you are, you want to be prepared for routine year-end conversations with financial, legal, and tax advisors. The following...

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Investing from a Woman's Perspective

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows the financial power of women is expanding. Commerce Trust looks at how women’s attitudes on investing...

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How to Maintain a Long-term Approach to Investing

Regardless of how long you have been investing, the volatility in the market last year was enough to make anyone’s stomach churn. Frequently nervous...

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‘Growth’ or ‘Value’: Which Style Is Best for Your Portfolio?

Each new year affords us a chance to revisit fundamental investing concepts we often lose sight of or take for granted. For example, you or your...

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Your Risk Tolerance: Has It Changed?

For investors of all ages, risk tolerance is one of the most important considerations in managing an investment portfolio driven by their financial...

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Charitable Giving Strategies

Charitable giving presents the opportunity for investors to support causes or organizations important to them. For some investors, donating shares...

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Real Estate Good Hedge

Is Real Estate in Your Portfolio a Good Hedge to Inflation?

For the most part, decisions about retirement are not made overnight. Whether you like it or not, retirement planning is a life-long process. That’s...

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Financial Advice for Young Family Members

Financial Advice for Your Family's Young Investors

No matter how old you are, there’s a good chance many of the life and financial lessons that stayed with you as you grew up were taught by members...

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