Financial Planning

Considerations for Planning Your Retirement Goals

There are many things to look forward to in retirement. Top among them, having more time to focus on personal goals. Whether you plan to spend more...

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Conversations with an advisor

Year-End Planning: Checklist for Conversations with Advisors

No matter how wealthy you are, you want to be prepared for routine year-end conversations with financial, legal, and tax advisors. The following...

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Selling a Business: Are You Ready to Sell Your Company?

Your business is a big part of your life story, and many financial and personal decisions need to be addressed to determine when the time is right...

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Selling a Business: How to Perform a Valuation

If you are preparing to sell your business, it is critical to know how much the company is truly worth. Accurately valuing your business ensures you...

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Selling a Business: Exit Strategies for Transitioning Your Business

If you own a business, it is always important to think down the road – to have an end game in mind. The events of the past few years certainly...

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Consider Life Insurance That Pays for Long-Term Care

Life insurance has many uses, including income replacement, business continuation, and estate preservation. Here’s one more: Regardless of where you...

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Women and Investing: Knowing Your Net Worth

For women, having a seat at the table — particularly when it comes to their finances – is paramount. As women strive to be a part of the...

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Cash to work

What Should You Do with Extra Cash?

Cash strategies are as unique as one individual to the next — there is no “one size fits all” solution for situations where individuals have excess...

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Acting on Your Financial Goals: Where Do You Start?

Identifying your financial goals is an important step in planning for your financial future. Knowing what you’re working toward allows you to focus...

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Do Couples Envision the Same Retirement?

Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse or partner have likely talked — and reached decisions together — about the big choices in your life:...

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