Specialty Loans and Lines of Credit

The Private Bank at Commerce Trust helps clients like business owners and commission- or bonus-based executives, leverage the value of their assets to maintain steady cash flow while avoiding a taxable event that could occur if they liquidated securities in their portfolio. Private Banking Relationship Managers are also equipped to assist clients with financing to purchase luxury assets like boats and aircraft with specialty loans. 

Securities-Based Loans
and Lines of Credit*           

The Private Bank offers securities-based borrowing to clients who need liquidity but do not want to sell their investment portfolio. A securities-based line of credit can generally be established quickly, typically at a lower interest rate than traditional loans and lines of credit secured by real estate. These lending arrangements depend on the eligible securities in your portfolio that can be used as collateral. 


Securities-based lines of credit with The Private Bank at Commerce Trust:

  • Are exclusively for Commerce Trust Private Bank clients
  • Require a $150,000 line of credit minimum; there is no maximum
  • Can offer a flexible repayment schedule and an interest-only payment option

Use a securities-based line of credit:

  • To purchase or renovate your personal or investment real estate property
  • Pay taxes or education expenses
    Purchase luxury assets such as a boat or car
  • Invest in business opportunities
  • Fund unexpected expenses such as a major repair or medical bills

*Securities-based borrowing exposes the borrower to some risks. If the value of the underlying investments decreases sharply, the borrower may need to expedite repayment or sell investments to meet the terms of the agreement. Selling investment securities may result in adverse tax obligations. An experienced advisor can explain how securities-based lines of credit can play a role in a comprehensive approach to wealth management. This material is not a recommendation of any particular security, is not based on any particular financial situation or need and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified attorney, tax advisor or investment professional.

         Borrow Against Privately
Held Stock

The Private Bank can also assist clients with borrowing against their stock in a privately held company to have liquidity for large purchases or to buy additional company shares without selling the underlying stock. Shareholders receive dividends while leveraging the stock and can repay the loan at a future date.

Borrowing against the stock of a privately held company may be a liquidity option for you if the company:

  • Has consistent and reliable income
  • Has a strong balance sheet
  • Has the ability to buy back stock at the current valuation

Aircraft Financing, for Fractional or Complete
Jet Ownership

The Private Bank helps clients interested in private air travel explore their options to purchase, lease, or charter jet ownership, and secure the financing or funds necessary to support their traveling lifestyle and transportation needs. Learn more about financing your private air travel options.


The Private Bank at Commerce Trust is a business unit of Commerce Trust, a division of Commerce Bank, Member FDIC.

Commerce does not provide tax advice or legal advice to customers. Consult a tax specialist regarding tax implications related to any product and specific financial situation. 

Request a call from a Privative Banking Relationship Manager to discuss specialty lending options.

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