Oil, Gas and Mineral Asset Management Solutions

Specialized Asset

Rarely does a business segment require such specialized management as oil and gas. We have partnered with one of the largest independent mineral management companies in the United States to provide a robust lineup of mineral services, including but not limited to improved marketing techniques, curative title work, valuations, mineral sales and acquisitions, to bring the best out of your property holdings.


Like any investment, your mineral interests should fit into your overall goals for your family’s investment and financial plan.

Our staff handles properties in a coordinated fashion commensurate with your needs and circumstances, providing practical solutions to help maximize your overall wealth. We typically handle all forms of mineral and royalty interests held in fiduciary and agency accounts.


Non-Operated Working Interests

  • Process all revenue
  • Monitor gas balancing
  • Technical review of well participation by engineers when needed
  • Monitor compliance with gas sales and gathering contracts in force and effect
  • Preparing and sending documents for recording
  • Log income/production information on gross and net basis
  • Review, prepare and process all division orders
  • Receive Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and perform technical review
  • Evaluate alternatives to proposals
  • Prepare written recommendations for significant well/workover proposals
  • Review and process all joint interest billings received
  • Provide for approval all joint interest billings 
Investment Philosophy

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