Family Business Planning Solutions

Navigating Complex

Closely held businesses are fundamentally complex. While the majority of your time may be focused on daily business activities, Commerce Trust can help you put together a plan to maximize its future potential.

Whether your primary goal is to preserve your business for future generations or position it for the highest potential liquidity event, the knowledgeable specialists at Commerce Trust can help you effectively and efficiently navigate all complexities involved. 


Our depth and breadth of experience covers a diverse range of closely held entities from operating and holding companies with real estate (including oil and gas interests) to investment companies and partnerships in nearly every industry.

Each situation is unique and our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients. 

While some situations may require only limited consulting or oversight of company operations, others require more comprehensive involvement by our team to include: reviewing business plans, reviewing financial results and meeting with company management, and in certain situations serving as a director or officer of the company.



Customized Solutions for More Substantial Ownership Positions

Commerce Trust can provide tailored solutions that address client-specific needs whether through an agency arrangement or fiduciary capacity for situations that involve a large block or controlling interest in an operating company.

Financial and Industry Analysis

Providing financial and industry analysis for strategic or ongoing monitoring of business trends.

Valuation Services

Providing valuation services for monitoring investment performance or making strategic business and planning decisions.

Serve As Fiduciary

Serving as fiduciary to provide monitoring of business from the perspective of a key stakeholder.

Short-term Engagements

Short-term engagements such as a turnaround situation that requires immediate attention.

Interim Engagements

Interim engagements to provide for oversight of the business and ultimate transition to beneficiaries of trust or employees of the company at some time in the future.

Business Valuation Services

Coordination of business valuation services for estate, tax and other business needs.

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