Maximize Your ESOP


Built on a Time-Tested Approach           

In addition to actively participating in Garney’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), and possibly saving outside of your plan, you still may not have the confidence that you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle you envision in retirement. 

Investment Management Time Tested Approach

A Commerce Trust advisor who understands the specifics of the Garney ESOP and benefits can help answer questions such as:

  • Can I retire early?
  • How much income do I need in retirement?
  • How will I pay for healthcare in retirement?
  • What do I need to know about Social Security and Medicare?
  • Can I continue to support an elderly or special needs family member?
  • What tax consequences should I consider?
  • Are my benefits portable?

The Commerce Trust team of over 100 practiced, credentialed investment professionals collaborate to act as your investment office.

A Team of Specialists Working Together For You

Led by your relationship manager, your multi-disciplinary team will collaborate to offer guidance on a wide range of wealth management needs that takes into account your holistic financial picture.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Consultant

Initially evaluates your situation, gathers information, presents our capabilities and assembles the in-house team. 

Financial Planner

Financial Planner

Works in coordination with your other Commerce Trust advisors to deliver objective financial planning advice and customized planning strategies to meet your needs.

Private Client Advisor

Private Client Advisor

Helps you develop a financial roadmap based on your personal and family goals and is responsible for coordinating the efforts of other team members and external advisors, such as your estate planning attorney and accountant.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager

Creates and monitors your investment portfolio based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Private Banker

Private Banker

Aligns your banking needs with other aspects of your plan, from sophisticated financing to daily checking, savings and credit card needs.

Specialty Services Advisors

Specialty Services Advisors

Families with significant wealth may employ the services of Commerce Family Office. Our specialty services also include expertise on complex assets such as business ownership, residential, commercial and farm real estate, oil, gas and mineral management.

  • Commerce Family Office
  • Family Business Planning Solutions
  • Residential Real Estate Management
  • Commercial Real Estate Management
  • Farm Real Estate Management
  • Oil, Gas and Mineral Asset Management

In addition to retirement planning, Commerce Trust offers:


Investment Management Services

Investment Management

In-house portfolio managers build a mix of investments to suit your specific needs.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Professional guidance to help you identify your personal and financial goals, objectives, and risk tolerance to create a customized plan specific to your situation.

Private Banking

Private Banking and Cashflow Management

A full range of customized banking services to simplify your day-to-day financial management and optimize your complete financial picture as well as unique loan solutions tailored to your family’s needs.

Trust and Estate Planning-1

Estate Planning and Protection

An experienced advisor can help you recognize potential risks to you and your family, identify ways to minimize your exposure, and keep you in control of your financial future to protect your wealth and navigate the process of setting up a trust.

* Incorporating alternative investment, such as derivatives, hedge funds, private equity, REITs, and commodities, into a portfolio presents the opportunity for significant losses including in some cases, losses which exceed the principal amount invested. Also, some alternative investments have experienced periods of extreme volatility and in general, are not suitable for all investors. Before you invest in alternative investments, you should consider your overall financial situation, how much money you have to invest, your need for liquidity, and your tolerance for risk.

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