Don Davis

Don Davis Commerce Trust

Don Davis

Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager


Don is a portfolio manager with Commerce Trust. Upon gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and goals as well as assessing the client’s entire financial situation, he works with our investment research team to construct a portfolio to help clients achieve their long-term goals.

Don comprehensively represents our research and goals-based investment process, from the initial assessment and creation of an investment objective to ongoing evaluation and adjustments based on changing market and life circumstances. With a deep knowledge of the market and thirty plus years experience in investment management, he serves clients with thought leadership, insight, and consulting services.

A graduate of Missouri State University, Don earned a bachelor of science in economics and public administration as well as his Master of Business Administration. Don volunteers for United Way and serves on the investment advisory board for Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Don loves spending time at home with his wife and dogs. He also enjoys spending time with his four adult children.