Welcome to the New Commerce Trust Site!

December 2015

We're excited to announce the launch of the new Commerce Trust website. Not only have we secured a new location for our site, we've also completed a full website redesign.

Our primary goal in redesigning and restructuring our website has been to make it more user-friendly for you, our end user. Please explore and take a look around, but read further as well to learn about the site's new features and functionality. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we're enjoying providing it!

Site navigation To enhance your experience on our website, we have streamlined the site's navigation—making it much easier to travel from one page to the next. Additionally, we have organized all of the information you might need in a clearer way. Rather than searching through multiple pages for valuable thought leadership content, we now have a "News and Insights" section that houses all of it. Or if you need to contact Commerce Trust or find a location, it is as simple as clicking on one of the top navigation items: "Contact us" or "Our Locations."

Site design We have updated the look and feel—so that it appeals to you as a web user in 2015—by simplifying the page layout, working with a distinct color palette, adding captivating photography, and incorporating new graphics. Over time, you will see us use more imagery, color, type, and graphical elements to tell our brand story.

Thought leadership content Our new site provides ample "real estate" to house timely, relevant thought leadership content. We know you look for valuable resources from your advisors, and so we built a section specifically dedicated to these resources. We will publish regular content—from commentary on the markets and investments to content about retirement, financial planning, Social Security, taxes, and more—and present it in a compelling format.

To have this thought leadership content delivered directly to your email inbox, you can choose to subscribe to our latest insights by submitting your email address via the "Subscribe to Our Latest Insights" box below.

Seamless experience We also know that you access the internet on a multitude of devices. Our website has been built and optimized to be viewed on your desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone. So please, feel free to access us at home or on the go!

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