Equity Investing

By Joe Williams, CFA Director of Investment Strategy - Commerce Trust Company

April 29, 2016

Joe Williams, CFA, our Director of Investment Strategy, outlines our philosophy behind equity investing.

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Federal Reserve Will Likely Pause For Now, But Another Interest Rate Hike Is Lurking Before Fall Elections

Almost no one believes the Federal Reserve (Fed) will raise short-term interest rates another quarter-point at its April policy meeting this week given the rough impact of last year's first hike on U.S. and global markets late in 2015.

Why a Limited Liability Company Can Be an Advantageous Form of Ownership for the Real Estate Investor

In recent years, the Limited Liability Company (LLC) has become a familiar form of ownership for real estate investors. Investors are concerned about liability and are looking for effective ways to protect their assets.

Fixed Income Approach

Scott Colbert, our Director of Fixed Income Management, talks about how Commerce Trust's well-honed process and approach has led to recognized success and performance.