Diversification Can Achieve Higher Returns, Reduce Risk

By Barbara Turley, CFA ® Director of Investment Research - Commerce Trust Company

July 19, 2016

The heart of investing is not numbers and figures but setting goals and trying to reach them. Watch Barbara Turley, CFA ®, Director of Investment Research, talk about asset allocation, why it is such an important decision for a portfolio and how diversification can help you maximize returns and reduce risk.

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U.S. Long-term Treasuries Near Record Lows – What It Tells Us About The World Economy Post-Brexit

Many were relieved last week to see the U.S. equity markets recover quickly from the impact of Britain’s referendum to exit the European Union (EU). It almost seemed too easy. But now the bond market is telling us a different story than the stock market, signaling the “exit” might not be all that simple.

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Tracey Lewis, Senior Vice President of Institutional Sales and Relationship Management, and Jennifer O'Neill, Institutional Business Development Officer discuss how clients looking for retirement plan services can benefit from Commerce Trust Company deep expertise in developing custom solutions with our hallmark personal service.

The UK Deals Itself A New Hand With The European Union

As we mentioned in our communication to clients earlier this week, the vote by the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU) would be an historic one, and the surprising results of the British referendum this morning confirmed the country's decision to leave the European economic alliance of 28 countries. Once again, Chief Economist Scott Colbert, CFA, skips the political motivations and gets straight to this event's economic impact on you.