U.S. Economy: 3%...Finally...But Peaking

Commerce Trust Investment Policy Team
March 7, 2019

  • The U.S. economy temporarily grew at a 3.1% pace last year, identical to the “real” (inflation-adjusted) rate of 3.1% from 1973 to 2007. But trend growth has fallen and will remain closer to the 2.2% trend post the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

  • The key reasons for this downshift in growth are fourfold:
  • The U.S. private sector paid back some of its debt (deleveraging)
  • Growth of the labor pool slowed (demographics)
  • Global growth fell in concert with U.S. growth (China, Europe, and Japan)
  • An aging society emphasized saving over consumption

  • Temporarily, the deleveraging process has run its course. But monetary policy has just become slightly restrictive, with short-term rates now about 2.5%. Fortunately, tax policy has boosted corporate earnings, fiscal stimulus has kicked in, and household spending began to accelerate last year.

  • Long-term trend economic growth is still just a function of employment growth, investment in capital stock and productivity. With long-term productivity averaging less than 1.5%, and work force growth of 0.5%, economic growth closer to 2% had become the “new” normal.

  • As we came to the end of the deleveraging process last year, we expected economic growth to accelerate, and it did. But last year’s 3% growth rate is unsustainable and will now likely fall back toward trend. The Federal Reserve pushed short-term rates to 2.50% in December, and financial markets tightened considerably in the fourth quarter, clouding the outlook for growth.

  • Still, we do not foresee anything more than a typical late-cycle economic slowdown and believe a recession is still years away.
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Source: Bloomberg, Bureau of Economic Analysis